Of humble beginnings, Hodari was born to the infamous Ori clan. They’re a peaceful indigenous people who primarily specialize in shamanism, botany, medicine and astrology. They normally do not involve themselves in warfare or conflict. This does not mean that they do not have a means of self-defense or are a passive group.One fascinating observation about the Ori clan is that they live in giant trees high above the ground. Hundreds of years ago an infestation of deadly ant-like insects plagued their former land scape. The Ori fled for the trees due to the tree sap being toxic to the ants. They have engineered elaborate homes and dwellings using the rich and lush resources of the trees.

When Hodari was born he had a rare terminal illness that could not be cured through conventional means. Hodari’s only hope was his Grandfather Koko who was the chief elder shaman of the Ori people.  His grandfather made a long strenuous journey to find a rare root that could cure his grandson of his illness.

After months of a tireless journey Koko came back with the powerful root and was able to engineer a cure his grandson.  The root was so potent that one wrong dose could have killed Hodari. The medicinal properties of the root not only slowed the regressive disease, it sped up his metabolism, his heart rate, and every other vital organ to an abnormal level. His skeletal muscle had adapted to extremely powerful fast twitch muscle fibers that allows him to run and jump at in human speeds and distances.

This was an unexpected side effect that Koko was surprised to see in Hodari’s development. Hodari grew very tall and towers over everyone he meets. He is able to calculate ideas and problem solve faster than anyone.  Unfortunately he needs to eat and snack more than the average person. Koko has recommended some foods that are high in carbohydrates that his body can perfectly absorb for energy.

Hodari not only has an appetite for nourishment he also loves the ladies. With four wives and 12 children he has plenty of people in his life to give his attention to.  At one point in his life Hodari felt isolated and alienated because of his abilities. He felt like everything and everyone moved to slow. His Grandfather taught him the ways of meditation and peace.  This allowed Hodari to control his urges and lower desires.  Teaching him to appreciate live and all of its wonders has given him the harmony he desires.