Manetho the Alchemist Prince

Prince Manetho derives from a long line of warrior kings that have presided over Avaris for generations.  Like his father Shaba Ka and his father before him, Manetho is destined to take the throne and be the voice of his people. As a child Manetho secluded himself from other children. He would often stay in his room to invent technologies and toys using engineering and alchemy.
 Like all future kings, Manetho is required to train extensively in Martial science, warfare, diplomacy and strategy. These disciplines are taught at the mystery school daily. Although he does not attend every day, he naturally excels well above his peers. He spends most of his spare time traveling beyond Avaris’ borders seeking treasure and adventure.

On one such adventure, Manetho traveled to a mysterious ancient temple he read about in an old manuscript. He did extensive research and managed to triangulate exactly where it was located. It was intriguing to him that the temple was legend to have a lost artifact that was millions of years old. He was determined to verify the validity of such an old wise tale. He heard of many explorers who set off to find the artifact but never returned their journey.

Manetho packed enough food and water for a 2 day trip. Most of the way he flew on his glider until the terrain became thick with forest and vegetation. From the air he spotted a structure overrun with vines and other trees and plants. Circling a few times to find a clearing to land his glider he spots a decent location.   He quickly found the entrance peeked inside, and walks in.

As he walks further into the structure he can supernaturally feel himself getting smaller. Cautious, yet intrigued he continues until he reaches a large corridor. It is illuminated by a glowing liquid flowing from a waterfall. The light emitting from the liquid is astonishing. In the middle of the corridor is a giant altar. The altar displays various ancient artifacts, and treasures that surround the base of the altar statues and plants accent the altar giving it an intriguing persona.

The energy coming from the altar is overwhelmingly powerful.  He takes closer look at one of the artifacts, as he grabs the artifact voices echo in his mind.  They whisper in a strange language he has never heard before. Flashes of strange images repeat though his mind giving him an intense headache. Suddenly a giant black and red serpent enters the corridor. Manetho freezes, it speaks telepathically.
 “Trespasser!” Its voice echoes in his head, Manetho trembles.  The serpent slowly stalks and stares directly into his eyes. The fear in Manetho begins to paralyze him. Suddenly an image of Shaba Ka his father,flashes through his mind. Manetho snaps out of his trance and takes evasive action just as the serpent attacks him. Manetho’ s eyes turn black, the serpent strikes with lightning speed. Manetho evades with proficiency. But he’s hit with its tail knocking the air from his lungs.

The Serpent speaks “You do not belong here.” “Give back what you have stolen and you will die quickly”

The serpent attack’s once more, Manetho anticipates and punches into the ground. The ground forms a pillar that uppercuts and slams the serpent into the ceiling of the temple. He runs towards the exit. The serpent wraps its body around the pillar and squeezes it crushing the pillar. The Serpent gives chase.

Manetho knows the Serpent is gaining on him, he can feel the serpent’s breath. It’s mouth is wide open hoping to scoop Manetho into its mouth. Manetho leaps for the exit with all of his might. He flies out of the cave landing hard on the ground. He stands up instantly and stands ready for battle. When the serpent emerges from the temple it’s as big as a regular serpent.  Manetho drops his guard relieved.  He stares at is new relic as he casually walks back to his glider.

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    Nice touch. Sounds like it is well worth the read and a television show.

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