Kalfoni the Arrogant Warrior

Born on a secluded Island Kalfoni’s kin were considered the most dangerous people on the planet. The Segu people practice a deadly combat system that was secretly passed down from their elders of the ancient times. Hundreds of years before Kafoni was born a series of calamites plagued the proud Segu warrior clan. Rather than ask for assistance they traveled for years until they found a tropical island they could claim as their home. 30,000 Segu people colonized this island paradise unfortunately this island had a terrible secret. The insects that lived their fed on the blood of the Segu people causing severe illness and death. Some tribesmen developed a natural immunity but 80% of their people died. The survivors honored their dead by training ferociously. In order to survive they pillaged other tribes until the tribe’s numbers were strong again.

The Segu people believed because they sinned against their gods, the gene pool grew deficient and weak. They also believed the Gods punished them and destroyed all their weak brethren. Sadly for several generations they only produced offspring with birth deformities and other deficiencies.

By the birth of Kalfoni, the Segu people have come back from the brink of extinction. They were stronger and more powerful than any previous generation. They have developed immunity to hundreds of illnesses; their musculoskeletal systems are more dense and resistant to fatigue. And worst of all, their martial combat system had evolved!

Because of gentetics, they are able generate and store kinetic energy in their muscles. By performing the secret ritual like movement during combat, their melee attacks generate inhuman force. This ability cannot be taught and is a trait found only in the Segu bloodline.

Culturally the Segu were an arrogant tribe with little to no compassion for anyone else but their own. This made them the target of many rival states and clans.

When Kalfoni was 8 years old he was sent away on a ritual rite of passage. He was tasked to be on his own in the wilderness for several months. This was a trial by fire that all Segu boys and girls went through. When Kalfoni returned, his clan was wiped out. All but one of the elder women named Eudora.  

The elder took in Kalfoni and raised him as her own. She taught him the secrets of the deadly combat system and raised him as a true Segu warrior. Eudora was around 180 years old when she died. She kept herself alive only to train Kalfoni and show him all the knowledge she had. On her deathbed Kalfoni asked her who killed their people. She said “He was a massive unstoppable force, it’s as if he was posed by a demon.” “I want you to find this man, and BEAT HIM, and when he within his last breath, revive him and beat HIM AGAIN FOR EVERY ONE OF OUR LOST KIN!!!!!!"

Shortly after this conversation Eudora decided to expire. Kalfoni buried her and began his quest. He has been wandering around, looking  for the Demon Man ever since.


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