Chuma the Blacksmith

Chuma comes from a long lineage of blacksmiths and wrestlers. Born into the Galesee tribe, Chuma at very young age of 12 created impressive works of weapons and body armor. His mentors are fascinated with his blacksmithing and fabrication techniques. One fateful day Chuma was tasked by his mentors to fetch some supplies from a neighboring village.

In that village he met a young girl that managed to get his attention by throwing rocks at him. Chuma chased her through the village for what felt like hours. She suddenly disappeared and he remembered why he was there. He purchased the goods he came for and traveled home. When he returned the whole village had been obliterated.

What could have decimated a whole tribe of blacksmiths and wrestlers so completely? Unknown to Chuma he was about to find out. A larger primate like creature with saber teeth stared at Chuma with malicious intent. Chuma had an eerie feeling in his stomach that something was watching him.  He looked to his right to see the creature staring at him no less than 100 feet away. Chuma froze. Terrified he began to back away inch by inch.

The creature roared at the top of its lungs sending Chuma into a full sprint. The creature licked its teeth and followed aggressively. The creature was gaining on Chuma he had to think fast or he would be the creature’s next meal. Deep in the brush there is clearing with a fresh water lake that leads to an underground cave system at the bottom. Chuma was told never to enter the cave but he has no choice.

The creature knocks over trees and leaps effortlessly over obstacles. He could have easily caught up to Chuma by now, but it’s toying with him. Chuma sees the lake over the horizon and dives off a small cliff into the lake. The Creature surprised runs to the edge of the lake on the other side but Chuma never surfaces. The creature paces back and forth thinking Chuma has ended his own life.


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