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Since my unsuccessful 45 day campaign in July, I've had to re-adjust my strategy in many ways. I asked my peers, family, and general public to help me raise 25K for the Acid of the Godz project. Twenty Five thousand some asked? It was a very bold move I know, but considering a fly by night company raised 300K for male rompers (insert eye-roll). I felt we had a legitimate shot. We accumulated 21% of our goal which translated into $5146.00, which was an amazing accomplishment. That money would have been used to expand the brand identity, pay artist, print books and other materials for the business side of things. 

Unfortunately we didn't get one cent of that capital. Which is not really a bad thing because "Necessity is the mother of innovation". I decided to build a website and start selling books online and at vendor opportunities around Denver. I launched the website on Sept 18th and I'm excited to say we have sold quite a few books. Since I was forced to go back to the drawing board I discovered something about myself. I realized that I have an approval addiction. Terrible right?  The first step to fighting an addiction is admitting I have it. 

The next step is to focus on the now and how I can best work with the resources I do have. I was invited to read to some children at a local Library. It was really neat. First I introduced myself then I read some pages of the comic. They were so engaged I kept reading page after page. Some of the parents in the audience asked questions about my process and workflow. By the end of the event I sold every book I had. I had such a great time reading and connecting with the children, I believe I found my calling.


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Love this article! A lot of people will grow from your transparency. I’m definitely going to support you brother in a major way!

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