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"Acid of the Godz is such a superb illustration of Hero's, such an epic story and content, it makes you want to fly, it makes you want more , it makes you proud to be African!"

Memnon Uzan

@aotg_urbanarkanum thank you for creating this. My son LITERALLY yelled, "Look, he looks like my Dad." I'm not sure which character he is talmbout...but thank you. P.S. he already asking for more books!😊 #representationmatters #blackboyjoy💙 

J. Monae

When you get home and "Acid of the Godz" is waiting on your porch. So cool. The kids ripped it open and instantly thought it was the coolest thing EVER! They each called dips on who they wanted to be in the book and even said who mommy and daddy were. Melts my heart that Anubis has created something so magical that can be shared and treasured with our babies. Well done, so proud, look forward to the continuation...

S. Davis

Amazing Comic book!!! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Kris Jerke